a disney day with daddy!

wow, a full month of no blogging.  i don't think i have gone that long without blogging in a long, long time!  with instagram these days, i have become less and less motivated to blog, since i can "journal" about my life quickly and efficiently there.  but, since i can't post ALL of my photos on instagram, i still need this blog to post everything.  because, let's face it.  the girls are adorable and each photo needs to be saved, and each moment documented.  

so, here's some disney photos of one of our recent trips.  daddy met up with us after work, as well as mimi and grandpa.  i'm loving getting more and more familiar with the parks and, most importantly, where to feed my picky kids! ;)


we really needed disney today.


aunt eden comes to visit!

the girls were in HEAVEN this past week when aunt eden came to visit us.  we went to the beach several times, visited santa monica pier, and hit disneyland one day (hazel was thrilled to be going on all the big kid rides with eden!)  it was so much fun having her, and i have been begging her to come back soon ever since!
 shoutout to john who was with us in santa monica and took this pic!  trying to give credit where credit is due ;)


easter weekend

we spent easter weekend with john's sister's family in AZ.  we had the best time!  i think there is just something awesome about being with family on easter.  also, i love these people of mine.


conference weekend in laguna!

the past few weeks, mimi and grandpa have been staying with aunt jayme on the weekdays while george works in a court case in orange county.  we have tried to get down there a few times to visit, and we've met up in disneyland a couple of times.  but over conference weekend, since we didn't have any sunday/church obligations on sunday, we were able to go down and watch conference with them.  it was my favorite conference weekend to date, although this weekend is still a strong contender!  

my girls would literally live at the pool/beach if they could.  they honestly never get tired of it.  let's be honest, neither do i.

THE way to watch conference with kids... with a bunch of toys completely new to them.
also, the ocean waves were nice background noise while listening to the conference talks.