it was a good year, 2011.

it was a good year, 2011.  looking back made me remember all the things that occured --- from starting my med-surg semester to going to cancun on a whim.  here are my top moments of 2011, {some good, some bad} just to reminisce.  


funny posts:

most memorable dates of 2011:

my struggles in nursing school:

growing to love john even more:


some nice things....

1.  curling in front of the fireplace with a blanket, hot cocoa, and a new book
2.  snuggling
3.  quoting movies
4.  using a groupon to one of our favorite restaurants
5.  finding a great movie on sale for only $4
6.  making cream-cheese frosting and eating it by the spoonful
7.  hanging upside-down on the couch
8.  christmas clothes
9.  attending music indoctrination by john as we chill on the bed
10.  eskimo kisses from the most attractive man in the world


we do late night ice cream runs.

last night, we went on a mission to walmart to find a wii motion-plus accessory for john's new zelda game.  
naturally, they didn't have it.  
on the plus-side, john treated us to nielsens on the the way home.


christmas in island park.

island park holds a special place in my heart.  first of all, it is completely gorgeous. second of all, it is a great place to do lots of fun activities: floats down the river, sledding, snowmobiling, four-wheeling, shooting, hiking, swimming, boating, wakeboarding.  third, it holds great memories of those first few months of dating john, getting engaged, and growing to love his family {which wasn't difficult - since they are amazing!}.  christmas this year made me love them even more.  they truly treat me like on of their own, and for that i am so grateful.  the weekend was so fun!
we went snowmobiling, ate french toast, played with nephew colter....
the tree that we cut down in the middle of the forest.  see the littles in front of it?  it was 18 feet tall!
 -20 degrees fahrenheit in the morning.
 on the drive up....
 the henries and the brunts taking family pictures in christmas pj's.
john's new beretta 92fs!
 letter from santa.
 my new rebel....
 christmas booty....
playing santa's elves....
 guitar, bear slippers, and luke and rori as angels.
 a sheep and a wise man.
 randi's birthday cake, the littles lined up christmas morning, fun toys, and a chocolate orange {my favorite!}
the boys playing in the snow....
 an island park sunset.


oh come all ye faithful - by the lower lights.

this song was recorded by a group of amazing local artists {including george, john's brother}.  merry christmas! enjoy.


temple square.

last sunday we went to temple square to see eden's concert choir perform in the assembly hall.  seeing the temple and the lights was an added bonus.  it was just as fun as last year, when we went to support sam.
doesn't beautiful music just put you right into the christmas spirit?! only two more sleeps....


skiing is by far the coolest way to exercise.

on saturday john and i went on an amazing skiing trip with my kid brother sam. there is just something wonderful about getting out of the salt lake inversion {yuck!} and getting up into the mountains.  nothing but sun, clear skies, and lots of magnificent snow.  i had forgotten how much i love skiing!  i can't wait until we get to go again in january.


spirit journey formation anniversary. {birthday}.

i love birthdays.  i love my birthday, i love john's birthday, and i love everyone else's birthday.  birthdays are fun because you eat delicious food, cake, and ice cream.  and also you get to give presents.  i've decided that i love giving presents.  

birthdays are also wonderful because you get to spend time with family:
john, thanks for being born.


i love this man.

the many sides of john h. brunt.

happy birthday to the most wonderful man in the world.
a man who is handsome, intelligent, and hard-working.
a man who makes others feel loved and welcome.
a man who you would want on your side of a fight.
a man who opens my doors for me.
a man who is patient and kind.
a man who says funny and altogether sweet things to his wife, like this little gem: "i would kiss you even if your breath smelled like poop."

happy birthday mr. brunt.  you are absolutely amazing.


pat's bbq.

at the time of our little date last friday, i was loving pat's bbq.
really, it was delicious.
but about 3 hours after i ate that food.... i got the bug that my cute little nephews have been fighting over the past couple of days.  oh boy, did that bug come at me with a vengeance!
so now these pictures give me the willies.
but believe me, it's still a wonderful little hole-in-the-wall bbq place that you can't pass up the next time you are in salt lake!
will you take a look at those?!  honestly.
on a happy! note:  only 6 more sleeps until christmas!
are you not so excited?!
can't wait to spend it in island park with the {brunt} fam.  it is going to be a blast!


things i'm loving as of late.

 john's star wars lego advent calendar.
 the popcorn bucket we bought with white cheddar popcorn in it.
 recent crafting with briana and janessa.
 the first snow.
 a chocolate orange.
 already planning our china trip,
my red riding hood peacoat.


saturday double.

on saturday evening after a long day of studying {paige}, and cleaning {both john and paige}, we decided we needed a night out.  so the brunts went out with the brunts for some delicious thai food.
oh my goodness i looooooove thai food.

and.... this week is finals week!  {finally!}  i just finished my peds final and now i'm off to study for OB.  wish me luck!