the zoo!

we went to the dallas zoo the other day with our new friends from church.  hazel digs all the animals, and my new favorite thing is to get her to do all the noises as we see the animals.  she recently learned what an elephant, frog, and bee says!  so that's been fun.

hazel, look at the camera!  toddlers. ^^


the ross perot museum of science and nature.

on saturday morning we woke up and asked each other, what do you wanna do today?
and decided on a whim to go to a museum downtown.  i had heard great things about the children's section in the ross perot museum, so we took a little drive downtown, spent way too much on parking, and had a wonderful time.  

here's the world's largest dinosaurs exhibit.  there was a vertebre found that was as big as that femur john is standing next to, if you want to get an idea of just how big those largest dinosaurs actually were...

this was taken during the ten minutes hazel was happy in her stroller ;) ^^^

and this is hazel in the children's section, in a mini downtown.  she seems a little excited about it!

after the museum we went to chop house burgers and got some lunchies.  hazel demolished our oreo shake and fries and wouldn't try anything else.  


oh, how i love the weekend.

this weekend was pretty great.  besides faraway costco/homedepot/chipotle adventures, we also tried out a new instant favorite pizza place, called cane rosso.  guys, this pizza is so good, even hazel devoured it.  i'm loving the weekends more and more because hazel and i get john to ourselves for a few days and we usually try and do something extra special.  

you have to take a picture next to the red pig, am i right?


every day is a fight.

let me tell you what each day is like having a toddler.

eating is a fight.
bedtime is a fight.
nap time is a fight.
going to the grocery store is a fight,
leaving the grocery store is a fight.
not letting her watch baby einstein is a MAJOR fight.

especially for my B. because my B isn't afraid to scream at me whenever i do something to piss her off. which, apparently, is a lot. these days are hard. i feel bipolar most of the time, because my feeling often reflect hers. she is up and down all day long. sometimes, for brief moments, it may not feel worth it. but then there's moments when i remember that it definitely is.


san antonio...

while i wouldn't necessarily recommend it, we had a blast going to san antonio right after our big move and friendcation. of course we went to the alamo....
and the tower of the americas....
it was super windy up there, the B didn't like it very much...

we walked the river walk and had dinner there...
lastly, we went shopping at market street, and I bought hazel a toy that songs like a bird.

today i realized i can't blame everything on hormones. it's easy to do, when you are either pregnant or nursing for over a year. but today i was frustrated and angry over too many things, and as i sat in my kitchen, stewing over it all while tending a hot pan of bacon, hazel came over to the dishwasher and started dumping dirty silverware on the floor and i just had to smile. smile, and let it all go- all the frustration, anger, and helplessness i felt, and start counting my blessings. instead of getting mad at hazel, i decided to laugh about it and encourage her. i walked over and kissed my husband like i hadn't kissed him in a while. i counted and counted and counted my blessings and i wasn't angry anymore. i was happy.  and i knew that i could no longer blame my bad mood on hormones. the only thing i can do is blame myself. i'm trying to live as the master of my own emotions. today is day one. happy sunday!