moments from orlando babycation.

john: there's a spider on the windshield!
ryan: we need to roll up this window promptly.
spider receives quick, painless death by windshield wiper.

10 people plus 4 babies miraculously fitting underneath one single umbrella at the beach.

playing sedarahc with everyone at 1 a.m. and hearing guesses like "mug cake"(me) and "cement"(ryan)

seeing my very first live armadillo! he was so cute.

also, hazel has touched both the atlantic and pacific oceans (with her toes) in her first three months of life!

we had such a blast on babycation 2013 with all you friends! i'm so glad y'all married people we like- and that we can have so much fun together. until next summer.....


i have resigned myself to a beautiful life of clothes that will forever be covered in spit-up, and i love it.

my clothes will never be free from stains again. as we speak, i have a bit of spit-up milk on my right shoulder. i also may not sleep for a straight eight hours, go on a vacation with just my husband, go a day without changing a diaper, or get through the housework ever again. i have resigned myself to hours of entertaining, chauffeuring, teaching, cooking, bouncing, and caring. 

but golleee i love this girl. and it is so so worth it. i love the spit-up, the diapers, the giggles, the cries, the baths, the walks, and everything in-between. she is such an easy, darling baby. i am the luckiest mom in the world.


that one time we went frisbee golfing.

yesterday our little family went frisbee golfing. john had been a few weeks ago with his dad and brother, and hazel and I were feeling a little left out. so we all went to the course by my parents house. and we completed most of the course- stroller and all. it was a million degrees outside and all I could think was if i felt this miserable in utah... i'm afraid to think what the atlanta heat will do to me! but we had a blast, and grabbed a family picture on the way out... although hazel wasn't too happy about it!


california, part #2.

the second half of our trip consisted of fun beach/pool time, a day in disneyland with the henries, and more delicious food! baby girl loved swimming in the pool! {although she hated putting her toes in the ocean:}


california, post #1.

we spent last week in california for john's cousin's wedding. i found myself saying to john the entire weekend, "i could totally live here!" we had a blast. and since i am crazy when it comes to taking pictures, i am breaking this post up into two- so as not to overwhelm!

angie got married in the oakland temple (one of my favorites), and we are so happy for her.

i've been hearing about val's for three years, and finally got to eat there with the family! it did not disappoint!

after the wedding on saturday, we flew down to LA and got taquitos on olvera street! i love their green sauce. then we stopped by to see pordie and christina who are expecting their first baby in june!

monday we went shopping, got my first bluth banana, and ate at crab cooker. can you tell we plan our vacations around delicious food? :)