terra mia.

john dearest, thanks for taking me out to our favorite pizza place.
you look super cute in glasses.


i love it when he plays guitar.

to all you single ladies out there:
find one who plays the guitar.
because if you don't, then you'll never know what this is like:

and john, in all his red-headed-devilishly-handsome-humility, will be super embarrassed by this post.
so let's just keep this a secret, okay?

but seriously, when john plays the guitar, he's not doing it to impress anyone.  he's not doing it to make me swoon {although it does tend to have that effect}.  he's not doing it to occupy time or to make money or to have a hobby.

no, john plays guitar because he loves it.
and that, my friends, is one of the reasons
he makes me go weak in the knees.


pictures of those perfect moments.

don't you love: walking home in fresh snowfall,
in the crisp silence,
and bobbing branches,
when everything just sits still?
to me, that moment is just perfect.  
here are some other perfect moments that i photographed over the week:
hope the rest of your day is filled with perfect moments!


an old favorite.

on monday night, dinner just wasn't happening.  me cooking it, anyway.  so we went out.  and where better to go out but cafe rio.  because i'm pretty sure it's my favorite.  
thanks for the wonderful date, mr. brunt.


it's fun to be surrounded by friends and family on your birthday.

thanks to everyone who loves me and came for delicious food and cake and ice cream last friday.  i had so much fun!  i am so grateful to all of you for your kindness and friendship.  xoxox.


life lately. {and also an excuse to post pictures of the delicious food we've been eating.}

1.  mad and i leaving psych clinical for the day.
2.  my new on-campus discovery. {only available in the twilight zone, folks.}
3.  the best turkey sandwich.  ever.
4.  new hair.
5.  icu kicking my butt.
6.  more goodwood.
7.  no big.  just an adorable baby.
8.  trying out a vinaigrette salad and deciding that i actually like it!
9.  the only day all winter that it has actually felt like winter.
10.  my new v-day banner.
11.  hotness. 
12.  veggie stir-fry for dinner last night.