thoughts on pregnancy.

being pregnant is super awkward.
who are these stoic women around the world who put up with this?
in the airport waiting to board our flight home from arizona, i gave my tummy a thorough inspection and wondered, is this really my body?  it's weird folks, it just is.
while i am so excited at the prospect of having a baby when this is all over, i know i must be in for it:  if the morning sickness wasn't bad enough, now i have sciatic nerve pain, back pain, and could beat any teenage boy in an acne contest.

i used to think that pregnant women looked super cute.
actually, i still do.
so why don't I look super cute?!

thank you, and goodnight.


we got to see my adorable sister eden perform in hairspray last week.  she did amazing!


baby girl.

baby girl likes to give me lots of little, tiny kicks throughout the day.  as if to say,
"i'm here mom!"
for some reason, she seems to kick particularly a lot on those days when i am feeling super sick.
and feeling those little, tiny kicks makes it all seem worth it.

i'm loving this time right now, when i get to keep all those little, tiny kicks all to myself.


a little date to celebrate.

monday was our two year anniversary.  {oh gosh can you believe it?! two years!}  and we decided to celebrate with hibachi, since i've been craving it for some time....
it was delicious.  my only regret is that i couldn't eat some of john's "green dragon" sushi roll.  {no raw fish for me!}  john was really nice about it and considered forgoing the sushi to avoid making me jealous.  he's a pretty swell guy....


frisbee golf at solitude.

friday night we went up to my grandma's cabin and spent the night.  the next morning, we made a good breakfast and headed to solitude, where they have an 18-hole, three-and-a-half-hours disc golf course.  {including a 1200 ft hole at the very end, it took me six throws to get my frisbee down the hill}.  i had no idea how fun it would be!  we seriously had a blast.  the fall colors up there were incredible and the weather was perfect.