big news.

to those of you who don't already know, john and i are expecting!
and we are so so excited.
these past 16 weeks have literally been the hardest of my life, and as a result, i have ceased to do many things that i love: blog, instagram, craft, bake, etc.  in fact, i am surprised that i haven't stolen IV zofran from the hospital, barricaded myself in my bedroom with 2,000 boxes of saltine crackers, and refused to come out until the morning sickness ended.  it has been a difficult few months, but i know that many people have it much worse than myself, so i am very grateful for my situation, difficult as it has been.

the last couple of days, i have started to feel a little bit better {except mornings, nothing i can do about that}, and hopeful that at least this one awful pregnancy symptom might be on it's way out of my life.  {and john's for that matter, cause the poor guy has to put up with me!}  excitement has built as baby has gotten bigger {i've sorta started showing!} and i've been working on the l&d unit of the hospital.  come over and rub my belly if you want.


things i love:
snow-capped mountains
chinese take-out
the way my feet feel on cold hardwood floors
drinking diet coke
the smell of freshly baked cookies
the chill on a fall morning