in the beginning.

eaters of thai food and ice cream.
listeners of sufjan stevens and weezer.
watchers of arrested development and star wars.
doers of crafts and anything outdoors.
players of piano and guitar.

welcome to our little blog.

john and i met at BYU. i had a little-girl crush on him.  due to my inability to be discrete, he finally caught on and we started dating and soon fell in love.  we were married in the salt lake temple on october 1st, 2010.  we have two beautiful girls; a disneyland fanatic, stubborn, fun-loving 4-year-old; hazel, and a busy, princess-loving, scrambled eggs obsessed bookworm - cora.  john is working for at&t and we are currently loving exploring our new home in LA!  life is good and i truly believe: come what may, and love it.


Sarah said...

Great blog! I can already tell I'm going to like it. I like sufjan & weezer, I like Star Wars, and I'm a big time crafty person. =)

- Sarah

Jocelyn said...

I nominated your cute blog for a liebster award! Read more about it here: http://lilgeorgiapeach.blogspot.com/2014/02/liebster-award.html.