an intro to ceviche and bistec a lo pobre.

we think it's so cool that sam will be going to cuzco, peru.  you know who else thinks it's cool?  ryan. it was so fun to take sam out to peruvian and hear them talk about the mission over dinner.  it got sam really psyched.  thanks to all the fun friends who came!  i really am starting to like lomo saltado.....


rusted sun.

my parent's recommended this great little pizza place called rusted sun.  we really enjoyed going and trying their pizza, and i especially loved finding an item of food that was almost too spicy for me, {almost, not quite}, because that never happens!  {i love spicy food, you see}.  then we went and saw act of valor.  little plug for act of valor:  the acting wasn't great, but that's because they were real-life active navy seals who lay their lives on the line everyday and do really bad-a things and pretty much save america.  gosh, that movie made me feel so patriotic.


a quick post.

this is what life for me looks like.  lots of food, people, and studying.  i'm pretty sure i spend about 60 hours each week studying, or going to clinical, or doing homework.  crazy!  i have been a terrible wife as of late - i haven't made john dinner a single night this week!  but i am resolving right now to change that..... right after i finish all my homework for the weekend.  



life lately.

from top left:
1.  putting john to work.
2. homemade fajitas.
3.  my recent addiction.
4.  teaching CPR to some new moms.
5.  i get to spend forever with this handsome man?  boy, am i lucky!
6.  5:30am, waiting for mady to pick me up for ICU clinical.
7.  glow cups.  jealous?
8.  pink car.
9.  blueberry pancakes, just because.

happy tuesday!


goin out for greek....

every blue moon we go to aristo's for some fine greek dining.  this last time, aristo spotted us and gave us appetizers.  score!  oh my gosh, i could go there just for the appetizers:  roasted red pepper feta dip, the best hummus you've ever had in your life, and warm fresh-out-of-the-oven pita chips!  oh, i love it.  

aristo, i'm so glad john's work does your accounting.


to be perfectly brunt: v-day style.

in the brunt household, our valentines celebration consisted mostly of delicious food. such as: 
shrimp rolls....
pad thai....
massaman curry....
steamed rice....
and a pumpkin oreo shake to share.

we ended the night off with a few episodes of arrested development, since i had to wake up early in the morning for clinical.  hope your valentines was also wonderful!


basketball game.

about a week ago we went to the byu vs gonzaga game.  byu won, naturally.  we went with these friends , of course.  

i am so excited for this fall when john will be attending school at byu with me.  byu is an amazing school.  i am grateful for all the opportunities that are mine here, particularly the amazing byu nursing faculty that work so hard to help us learn and grow and become good nurses.  even though i am pushed past what i thought i was capable of almost every single day, i am so grateful for the things i am learning.  i know that nursing school, with all of it's ups and downs, will be worth it in the end!  

john has really inspired me lately.  he is so good at seeing the bright side of things. even during the busy accounting season when he gets six hours of sleep each night {even on weekends} and works twelve hour days {if you count commuting [even on weekends]}, he is still happy and pleasant to be around.  me on the other hand....

john, thanks for inspiring me to be better.  i know i have had a difficult time seeing the bright side of things lately.  i am so grateful for your patience with me during the past month of nursing school.  you are my favorite.  


happy v.day!

sweet george and leslie took us and the other brunts out for dinner last night at a very nice place.  afterwards, we took fun pictures by this giant lit-up heart in front of the restaurant....


i love this.

last night, john and i tried desperately to 'copy' the pixie's neat distorted guitar and vocals {like this song} - except with an acoustic guitar and piano.  we failed.  but we did enjoy playing music together.  i am loving this time in our lives when we get to spend evenings together doing the things we love.  hopefully we will continue to improve, {because i am still learning this whole indie-rock thing}, and hopefully we will always have time to play music together.  i love it.


a salt lake sunset.

the other day as i was driving from my parent's house to pick up john from work, i saw this sunset and couldn't resist taking a picture.  it seems like there is beauty in all the world around us, and most of the time we're just too busy to notice it.    


guess where he's going....

my brother sam received his mission call last night.  after months and months of anticipation, he found out that he will be serving as a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints in the Cusco, Peru mission!  we are so proud of him.  he is such an amazing young man and will be an amazing missionary for the two years that he serves.  we love you sam!

i am so grateful that i will get to be with my family forever, because i love them all so much, and can't imagine forever without them.  so much of what sam will be teaching the people of peru has to do with  this message, about eternal happiness and the love of our Heavenly Father.  i am grateful that he is willing to share this happy message with people.


welcome, february.

whoa, is it february already?
i l.o.v.e. february.
mostly because it is the month of valentines day.
and also the month in which i met john.
so february is great.  but i can't believe how quickly january came and went.  sometimes my life is a blur of homework and clinicals and lab and lecture and by the end of the day, i am in full zombie mode.  i strongly dislike zombies, by the way.  

here are some things that preserve my sanity {and prevent me from going into zombie mode} during the winter semester of nursing school:
snickers, leslie's french toast, and guitar.  we sang this song the other night.