life lately.

life has been so great to us lately.  these pictures were taken over the past few months, and they are a few of my favorites.  hazel is her beautiful stubborn self.  she refuses to do anything she doesn't want to, she knows what she wants, but she refuses to talk and communicate her desires.  it makes for a hilarious daily struggle, but john and i look at her at least ten times a day and think, i want this time to last forever. 


the texas state fair.

i am newly obsessed with the freddy's corny dog from the texas state fair.  since having one a few weeks ago, it has taken tremendous willpower not to drive downtown, pay $10 for parking, $8 for the entrance fee and $4 for another corndog.  that's a $22 corn dog, if you think about it so, i resisted.  maybe i can figure out how to make one at home that is equally as good because those darn pregnancy cravings really never go away.... and even hazel gave the corny dog the stamp of approval!
here we are at the fair, with our best friends, phil, briana, and henry.  i just love them!
another highlight was the petting zoo.  hazel is just obsessed with animals.  and she knows all the names.  also, she learned what an ostrich was when we went to the ostrich races.  did you know you have to weigh less than 130 pounds to ride an ostrich?  that counts me out!
we didn't have time for the ferris wheel, which was sad.  but we enjoyed avocado fries, rainbow pops, fried siracha balls, fried pumpkin pie, and lots of other goodies!  can't wait to go back next year!


things i'm loving about life lately:

fake café rio pork salads.
the way hazel puts her blanket down on the floor and lays on top of it to rest.
burt's bees chapstick.
watching game of thrones with john.
being able to drink diet coke once again.
neilson's ice cream with caramel and cookie dough.
catching up with old friends.


we're pregnant!

oh hey there blog.  i'm finally back from a two-month blogging hiatus.  and you know what that means.... i am pregnant! 
yes, baby girl #2 is cooking away and has been for roughly 20 weeks.  at first, i was too sick to sit up to the computer to blog.  and then... i just decided i wasn't ready yet.  you know?  but now i am.  and boy, i have a lot of catching up to do. 

here's a profile of our little peanut.  she is covering her face with her hand, and that seems to be her thing since our ultrasound tech couldn't get a good 3D image of her face - despite all the poking and prodding she did.  sometimes, they can be surprising rough during those ultrasounds.  i haven't felt this baby as much, which apparently is because the placenta is on the "ceiling" of my uterus.  so, you learn something every day.
right now we are in utah, which is basically hazel's heaven with endless raspberries and uncles that play with her nonstop and lots of tramp and swing time outside. 

we went to gardner village and danced with the animatronic witches yesterday.  i drooled over all the decorations but, (much to john's relief) resisted.  one of the witches was hoola-hooping and hazel literally danced with her for a whole five minutes.