some favorites of the past few weeks....

the past few weeks have been full of mostly studying, which was so not my favorite.  here are some favorites of the last few weeks....

catching up with the rasmussens and the aaron/erins at the black sheep cafe....

going through three bins of hand-me-down girl clothes....

keeping up on all my tv shows.... {grey's anatomy, chicago fire, and i just got into the following.  is that bad?}

trying out the waffle-love truck.  and i'm hooked!


seriously, it's been awhile + a 35-week baby bump!

it has been a good too many days since i last blogged.  mostly, because i feel like i was spending every waking moment studying for the biggest/hardest/scariest test of my life: the nclex.  well, guess what!  i took it monday and totally passed.  so now all i have to do is focus on getting ready for baby.  and let me tell you, i have done very little to get ready for her to come.  i still need a crib, diapers, wipes, crib sheets, baby bath, and several other essentials.  ah!  on the upside, i have been eating really, really well these past few weeks and she is measuring perfectly.  we are going to have ourselves a perfect little baby over here in just a matter of weeks!  and we couldn't be more thrilled.


our weekend in idaho.

we have the so much fun going up to idaho when the stars align and we can make it up there!  john and i were able to make the trip last weekend.  we spent half of the time in beautiful idaho falls and half the time up at the cabin.  i locked myself away for about two hours each day to study for the nclex, but other than that, we mostly just played! {and ate a lot of really good food, including fish tacos and chiz's jumbo shrimp.  that shrimp was so amazing, and now my pregnancy cravings are constantly directing me towards a food item that happens to be four and a half hours away from where we live!  ah!}  george and leslie, thanks for having such a wonderful place for us to escape and to spend time with family.  we are so grateful to you both for the fun memories we all make each time we go up.


"you're my favorite. like..... boo-yah"
i love these things my husband says.


life lately.

what can i say about these last few weeks having john all to myself other than they were amazing! it's been truly wonderful spending this break with him and my family. we haven't done anything earth-shattering, but we have sure had fun! i'm sad that he has to go back to school tomorrow and i have to finally buckle down and study for the nclex ;)