life lately

some photos of our life lately.


santa monica.

well, it's funny how things start to make a lot more sense over time.  after my last blog post, i realized that i HAD A FEVER.  yep.  our house was 90 degrees and i was barely hanging on because my body was fighting something.  

any bug the girls get, i also get.  {or vice versa}.  it hit cora the hardest, but she is finally acting a little bit happier today.  {nothing we can do about that nasty cough though!}

so since we are pretty much stuck inside today, i am reminiscing about two saturdays ago, which was a day equally relaxing and productive and fun.  just how a weekend should be.  we did some unpacking, and then drove up to santa monica to enjoy the pier and 3rd street promenade.  hazel got to ride a couple rides and we visited the cute little aquarium.  we topped it off with dinner at our new favorite pizza place, 800 degrees.


it is HOT!

we live in a beach city, so it never really gets much warmer than 80 degrees here.  so no need for AC, right?


it is like 90 degrees in our house.  i am trying not to move so that i don't sweat.


we are moved into our new house! besides a few odds and ends that still need to be put on the wall, we are pretty much all settled. it feels good to have a home again. and john and i are embracing exploring a new area. (it's only the fourth time we've done this, we should be pros at it by now.)

hazel has started preschool and is loving it. it won't be for long (school ends for the summer this week), but it has totally been worth it. she just loves everything about school. 

besides unpacking and trying to get settled, we have done a few beach days. i'm sure that eventually i will get sick of beach photos... jk. probably not ;)