the perfection of the sled train from Paige Brunt on Vimeo.

for years we have tried to do a sled train, on this exact same hill.  we would inevitably fall apart... some people spinning out of control, others jumping ship...  i don't know why, but for some reason this year, they rocked it! 



a few weeks ago, we wanted delicious breakfast sandwhiches, but they were a little out of our way.  so we decided to head up there anyway and make a day of it.  venice was fun.  it was fun to walk down the boardwalk and see all the street vendor's wares, watch the skateboarders and surfboarders, and play on the playground at the beach.  we had a blast.  but one can only take so much weed smell!  so it made me really glad of where we live.  if venice was the closest beach to us, i don't think i would ever go without john.  i'm so glad we live in such a family-friendly, beautiful area, and i can take the girls for a mid-week dig in the sand anytime.  we are living the dream.


disneyland with daddy.

there's just something so magical about disneyland around christmastime!  after the fireworks john commented on how amazing and magical the show was.  yes, yes it was.  it was a very late though and after the show hazel said, "mommy, i want my bed, please".  

and look how beautiful that castle is!


a blog post!

sometimes, i get behind in my blogging.  it seems like i have so much on my plate (like everyone else!) and sometimes blogging gets put on the back-burner.  here's to setting my priorities straight!  so... it's not much, but here's a video of us + the disneyland fantasy parade to hold you over  {because i know you are just DYING to see what we've been up to!} until i can get my photos from our thanksgiving weekend together.