winter wonderland

a few days before we came out to utah, we got one of those magical snow dumps. it was the perfect kind- one that lasts a few hours and then melts by morning. it was amazing because there was just enough light when john got home to go outside and play in it. i never want to forget how wonderful and perfect  that moment felt to our family. 


i'm trying to be brave

i'm trying to be brave, but each day {with all of it's challenges and frustrations and moments when i secretly am crying inside trying to hold it together,} i send the girls to bed and then wonder where the time is going.  

we are as we speak flying to utah for some much-needed family time and to see my sister who is flying in from ecuador in a few days and still hasn't met cora.  flying with these two is no joke.  and i may put on a brave face, but the thought of my girls growing up is much scarier than any flight will probably ever be.  my new goal is to live each day in the moment.  it's easier said than done, but i'm confident the reward will be worth it.


this life

a few little snapshots into this life of ours lately, including my baby that is now looking a little less like a baby each day and it's BREAKING MY HEART>>>

1. a pic of cora admiring herself in the camera
2. the girls at costco because that's how we roll
3. that 52-degree day in february
4. john's new x-wing that was built immediately when we returned home from x-mas vacation
5.  building marshmallow snowmen at play-group

1. john put letters on hazel's tummy just for fun and then she genuinely thanked him.  "thank you dad!" it was the cutest.
2. 5-guys on a friday
3. ringlets
6. hazel with her new toy for filling up her potty sticker chart {we were a little out of practice after the break, and needed a little motivation to get back on track}

1.  le pouty face
2.  john fell asleep on a sunday afternoon and i applauded him for at least trying to stay involved
3.  hazel wearing john's china hat
6.  kitty cat superhero feeding and snuggling all the babies in need of it


yes, it was 52 degrees the other day and yes, there was snow on the ground but it felt so warm and hazel begged me to take her to the playground.  it felt so nice we could have stayed there all afternoon.  sadly, the 50-degree weather did not last and we got snow that very night.


just some pictures of this past weekend, where we tried out one of the things "to do" here in new jersey.... go to a diner.  the summit diner is in a little train car so we thought it would be fun for hazel and a cool environment.  nothing like ordering chicken fingers at 10am for your toddler because it's all she will eat.

then we went to the livingston mall to let the girls get their wiggles out because it is COLD OUTSIDE.

{side note:  we were lucky enough to have picked up a flu bug on this delightful playground here and the girls and i were flat out for three entire days... AND john almost broke his 20-year no-puking streak.  almost}