i really like indian food, don't you?

my beautiful sister in law was in town a couple of weeks ago!
so the fam went to bombay house, naturally.
it was so fun to see erin, i haven't seen her since thanksgiving last year,
and let's face it,
that is just way too long!

we loved spending time with her,
{and mamma and ryan and janessa of course!}
we can't wait until july,
when we will no doubt get to see john's other siblings and our cute nieces and nephews!
love you all!


right about now, we are here.

not here....
{the rainy view on our back porch....}

but here....


we like the temple, and stuff.

do you think we go to weddings a lot?  cause we do.  we have been to a wedding every other week for what seems like forever.  we are at that age i suppose.... and we will still go to weddings consistently for the next few years!  it is good for us though, because it reminds us of the promises we made in the temple on our special day. every wedding is happy and we love supporting our friends.  but after today.... i think no more long days in heels for awhile.  yes!

another thing we really love is food.  weddings come with food, and it's a good thing too.  if they didn't, i would be very sad indeed.  is it just some unwritten law that you have to instantly become starving after you have attended one?  cause i sure do.  

on a completely random note:  i had my first nibble of nutella today.  delicious.  


last night, i had a scary dream.

after waking up from said dream, i threw off the covers that were sweltering me and thought, 'that was absolutely terrifying!'  in close succession to this thought was a second, 'that would make a really great horror movie'.  now, i don't pretend that i didn't have an impossible time falling asleep after that.  i started thinking about that zombie movie again that john made me watch with him last christmas day, in this post.  a flood of unpleasant and quite disturbing images filled my head.  {i mean, seriously.  i start imagining them under my bed....}  so, i went upstairs, grabbed my current summer read, and delved in for about an hour.  by the time i crawled back into bed next to my warm-body of a husband, it was getting light outside, and the nightmares were over.  

in the morning, however, i told john about my scary dream.  
he said:  'you should write a book'
she:  'i was thinking a movie'
he:  'seriously.  write the screenplay.  let's make some money out of this one"

well, at least my dream was good for something....


happy anniversary! to my wonderful brunt-parents.

today, it is our brunt-parents anniversary!  seriously, i love my in-laws so much.  they are the most kind, loving, and generous people i know.  when i first met them {on separate occasions} i instantly felt comfortable and welcome.  and that's something not every daughter-in-law can say, i am sure.  they have taken me in as one of their own children.  and although i know they would do anything for their johnny- i also know that they would do anything for me.  and they are a seriously handsome couple to boot.  check it:
happy anniversary to you both.  john and i love you!  {readers:  please feel free to wish them a happy anniversary in the comments! :) }


lately, my loves:

playing N64 nonstop with this guy:

clean bedsheets....

seeing the parentals, lots! {and eating ice cream with them}

delicious hershey's drops.... {try the cookies 'n' cream ones, you won't be sorry....}

long walks with this guy:

i just love life.


five guys.... oh, how i love you.

sometimes, john's friends decide that they want to get married and have bachelor parties.
don't even get me started about bachelor parties.  
oh! the cruelty! 
taking my husband away for a full day!
and playing video games....
and giving gifts....
i'm not against boy's nights, but i think bachelor parties have a bad connotation.
and they slightly upset me.  
and i don't hear from him at all and gosh, am i being a little dramatic?

now that i got that off my chest....
i really also like a little something about bachelor parties.  
this little something is that i get to spend time with my gorgeous girl friends and have a girl's night out.
{don't ask me to try and explain while i like girls nights but not bachelor parties.... i don't understand the intricacies of my own mind myself}
and plus, i really needed some five-guys.
and some s'mores, of course.  


dear shmohn,

do you dislike it when i call you shmohn?  our friend lauren says it, and she kind of has a way of making things rub off on me.  but if you aren't fond of it, i will swipe it from my vocabulary.  permanently.  speaking of vocabulary.... i really liked that we learned three new words together last night before we read scriptures.  can we do that every night?  i certainly think we should.

i had forgotten how delicious a caramel apple can be.  {yes, i ate your caramel apple from the wedding.  is that okay?  i will buy you an even better one if you want.  one from rocky mountain chocolate factory with crumbs of all kinds of goodness on them.... like snickers chunks, or pie crust, or nuts! yay.}  yesterday, as i chomped on this rather delicious caramel apple, i contemplated the cruelty of the universe.  it is 50 degrees, rainy, and my husband has to work all day while i sit at home.  bored.  watching the food network and catching up on the various t.v. shows i am obsessed with {ie. bones, house, grey's anatomy, glee....}  i'm not really sad for myself - i can keep myself busy and entertained - {mostly! although we both know that i am an active body, and i usually resort to compulsively cleaning the house when i have nothing else to do....} but i am sad for you....  cooped up in an office with one little window to look out and see the parking lot through.  not even much scenery.  i thought that maybe one of these days i would make a poster and bring it to your office.  then i would stand outside your window like the cool person that i am and dance.  then you would notice the poster telling you how awesome you are and that i love you, and get a tad bit embarrassed.  but you would still love it and it would brighten your day.  right?  right?

but that will have to wait until we get good weather i suppose.  it is a mere 46 degrees outside right now, and r.a.i.n.y.  what - do we live in seattle or something?  last time i checked, nope.  i can't wait until we go to cancun in nine days!  can you believe it?  the forecast there: 90 degrees and sunny.  won't that be the best?  i can't wait to get back on that beach and eat that delicious food and just veg.  for hours.  i think you need it.  right?  am i right?

i love you more than you will ever know.


to weed, or not to weed, that is the question.

so friends, i am going to let you in on a little secret about me.
i love cleaning.
not just kinda-sorta love, but like - really, really love.  
love it so much i would do it every day for a few hours, and never utter a word of complaint.
{and organizing too.... but that's another story}
like i love it so much i should marry it.  {did anyone use that joke in 4th grade?  i sure did.}
so today, i cleaned.
not just your average, do-the-dishes-and-make-the-bed-type cleaning,
but real, deep-down cleaning.  
let's just say, the shower is glistening and there is not a crumb on the floor of the whole house.
and after spending three hours scrubbing, cleaning, vacuuming, organizing, and washing....
i thought to myself - maybe i will go outside and weed.
uh oh.
weed?  seriously?  in the heat of the day?  in the dirt and everything?  oh gosh.  i don't think i'm cut out for this....
after much deliberating....
i took a shower,
and decided to weed another day.
life's just too short.  


our first dance.

yesterday was the happy occasion of the wedding of our friends, jordan and christina. basically, i owe  jordan everything, since he is the one who gave john my number. {jordan, how can i ever thank you.... if it weren't for you, i would have become an old maid.....}
their ceremony was completely beautiful.  
and although i went into it frustrated at john for some silly thing {that i shouldn't have let myself get frustrated about}, i came out of it feeling so serene, and peaceful, and thankful for this wonderful husband of mine.  
and, believe it or not,
john and i danced with each other for the first time at the reception.
we've been married 7 months....
and hadn't yet had a slow dance together.
let me tell you,
my husband is one fantastic dancer.  
{he will kill me for that, i just know it!}

the crespo's are such wonderful friends, we love them. thanks for all the great times and the laughs!  we can't wait until the next time we get to see you all again!


last night, we had ice cream.

what else is new?
we also got to listen to my brother sam sing this song, one last time.
he is going to the U on a vocal scholarship next fall.
and i am so proud of him.


our weekend, in a nutshell....

on friday night, after some much-needed nourishment,
we experienced THOR in 3D.
we loved it!
{but we are nerds like that.}
we woke up saturday, 
{john at 9 for his class, me at 11 when he got home from it....}
and decided, "hey! we have lots of yardwork to do.  let's go out into the blazing hot sun and over-exert ourselves.  that sounds like fun!"  {for those of you who don't know me personally, i am a thoroughly sarcastic person}  this is the flower bed i weeded whilst john edged the lawn.  and it was actually was fun.  {correction:  the only part that was fun was the part where we sat in the shade and compared battle-wounds.  hurrah!}
we went to the most delicious pizza place in the world....
and then came home and watched about 4.5 hours of jack bower kickin terrorist bootay.  

on sunday we spent time at church and with family.
and wished this wonderful woman a happy mother's day!

we hope your weekend was just grand.


friday, friday, gotta get down on friday....

we started the weekend off with our favorite taiwanese restaurant - the pon pon house.  i was brave and tried the meat-and-cheese delicacy {it reminded john of his fondness for the dish in taiwan.}  it was actually quite good.  and i basically love it when his eyes roll in the back of his head in happiness as he enjoys the food.  it makes it worth it to go to pon pon every time.  also, see this post for other selfish motives.  
i enjoyed my favorite mango drink....
while john enjoyed his wintermelon drink.  {not my fave, but it grows on you.  you know what else grows on you?  the "jun-joo" tapioca balls that you can see in the bottom of john's drink.  i don't order them, but i'm thinking that next time, i definitely want to.  john babe - what have you done to me?}
and we admired this statue of buddah in the restaurant.  don't you just wanna be his friend??


lately, i have tried to blog....

but have ended up staring blankly at a screen.
i have no worries, no cares, no tests, no obnoxious teachers, no patients, no studying, no lectures, and no notes.
no nothing!
and i love it.  
but it gives me very little to blog about.  
so if you are missing crabby 'ol stressed-out paige studying for tests, 
you can find her in the following posts:
and.... if that isn't fun enough.... try this one on for size:

i love summer so much....


my loves:

last night, we were in turkey-bacon-burger/cheese-fries heaven.
we also inhaled some strawberry shortcake. {thanks, muti}
and watched episodes of 24 until far too late.

it's days like these that remind me how terribly important john is to me, {like seriously, life without john would just be bland, boring, tragic, and all-around unlivable....} and that since we've been married i have been the happiest i have ever been in my whole entire life.  although we make mistakes and sometimes hurt one-another, each day our life together only gets better.  neither of us are perfect, but we are perfect together.  and that's what matters.  dear john:  thanks for loving me, taking care of me, humoring me, forgiving me, and taking me out for burgers and cheese fries.  i love you the most.


saturday adventures

could i possibly be any more exhausted?
i guess that's what you get for cleaning like a maniac for two hours....
running errands for three hours....
and doing laundry for 12.
let's just say, the first half of my saturday was a doosey.

but.... it ended great.
john and i made chicken balls/ate mango sticky rice/went frisbee golfing/watched harry potter 7, part 1.
oh, how i love the weekend.