happy halloween!

nightmare before christmas is my most favorite halloween movie of all time.  and this song, completely rocks.  enjoy!


i love you. i know.

on friday, my mom made another one of a bajillion and a half sacrifices she has made for me in my life. she made the coolest costumes ever, thus enabling john and i to fulfill our secret dreams of becoming han solo and princess leia for a day.  the costumes were awesome, and i can only claim assisting in the cutting-out of the fabric.  my mom is quite the seamstress even though she would never say so herself.  
then john and i went to an epic murder mystery party with friends.  when i was young i imagined myself as a great murder detective.  and still, as an adult, i like to watch murder-mystery shows such as bones, monk, psych, the mentalist, etc.  well, i thought i would be an expert at catching the killer, but guess who caught the murderer?  no one.  no one got it right.  and i was probably the most confused of all.  i actually accused my husband of being the killer, if you want to know that truth.  quite lame of me, huh.

we also got to show off our costumes at the ward party {hence the cultural-hall background in these pictures}.  

i think john and i were a perfect han and leia couple, if i do say so myself.  i enjoy the famous line in the empire strikes back : "i love you" "i know". {and here's a link to the scene, if you get a certain kind of nerdy thrill out of watching it like i do} i think that funny line sums up our relationship pretty well.  


saturday adventures.

saturdays for john and i are often adventuresome.  this last saturday, we raced to get the car's oil changed and make it to john's intramural flag football game in time. afterwards, we walked all the way down to the stadium for the byu football game, realized we had printed off two of the same ticket and i {the nucklehead that i am} had forgotten my student I.D.  so we walked all the way back up to our house, and then all the way back down to the stadium.  after a fun {and kind of sad for idaho state} game, we walked back home. {that's an hour total of walking, folks.}

we got dinner at costco for $5.37 {i love that costco pizza.... and cheap costco dates....} and then went up to salt lake to see my brother sam perform in university singers. {he was amazing, as always.}  my favorite song from the night was "there will be rest".  there's an equally beautiful version of it here.  completely beautiful.


i am thoroughly convinced that red robin has the best sweet-potato fries in the state.

maybe even the nation.
last night, we went out to eat at a old-time favorite.
red robin. yum.
i love the weekends because i get to eat delicious food, watch fun movies, and snuggle with my best friend nonstop and keep him all to myself.
and the rookie magic shake, i will have you know, is actual real magic.


yesterday, my patient coded.

but don't worry, it wasn't a real patient.  it was a mannequin, just like the one pictured above.  still, having a patient code is scary.  and all sort of thoughts run through your head: "should i have given the atrovent before the albuterol?", "i should have done a more thorough assessment", "why wasn't i more clear in my teaching of the patient?", and, "what more could i have done?"

as i'm sitting there doing cpr on a coding mannequin, i am terrified of my chosen profession.  not because i don't think i can handle it, but because i'm not yet prepared for the high-intensity situations that i will face as a nurse - because i lack the experience that is needed to perform well in such circumstances.  i can only hope and pray that someday, soon, i will have had clinical exposure to feel like the critical thinker that i need to be.  so even if my patient codes, i can keep a level head and know how to save their life.  


recent brunt happenings. {and why i have been m.i.a. as of late!}

school has been kicking my butt these past two weeks.  i have had ups and downs like you wouldn't believe!  one day i love nursing, the next i hate it and am ready to quit.  {dramatic, yes?}
lately, my saving graces:
1.  john's patience, love, support, and comfort.
2.  staying over at my parents house on saturday and sunday to be with our {neff} family.
3.  seeing my sister eden rock the stage in annie jr.
4.  dinner with the {brunt} family, and seeing erin and aaron for the first time in months.

5.  cuddling next to john with a cup of ice cream and an episode of psych.

6.  the cool air after a rainstorm.
hope you had a lovely weekend!


things that are making me smile as of late:

1.  trying my first j-dawg.
2.  curling up on the couch with a mug of hot chocolate.
3.  splashing in puddles with my rocketdog boots on.
4.  happening upon baby pictures of that husband of mine.  {i can't wait to have a mini john of my own....}
5.  taking looooong naps in the afternoon.
6.  giving and getting notes.
7.  refusing to be productive on a saturday for once.
8.  half-baked ben and jerry's ice cream.
9.  coming up with halloween costumes.
10.  diet a&w.  


we love byu.

i love going to byu.  there's a funny kind of quirky-ness about the college culture here.  and although i sometimes mock, i really do love it when i see someone on campus holding a sign with, "will d8 4 food" written on it.  there is something special about feeling a sense of duty and belonging to your school, and there is something unique about going to the football games and hearing zero offensive or crude language.  i love the football games, even when it is only 35 degrees outside.  {don't worry, i absolutely made john buy me some hot chocolate.}  and i love hanging out with pordie and christina, because they laugh at my jokes, even when they're lame.


rooftop concert.

last night, we had a wonderful evening of dinner and music with george, leslie, ryan, and janessa.  it was so fun to watch the lower lights again.  we really love their music.  

hope you are having a lovely weekend!


our anniversary weekend.

 we started our park city weekend with some onion-sausage-pepperoni pizza deliciousness at an off-beat restaurant on main street.  the walls were lined with vintage beer and soda cans.  so cool.

we then walked main street with our ice cream cones.  because you know, that's just how we roll.

the morning of our anniversary, john made me a delicious breakfast.  we cuddled on the couch and watch lds general conference together.  after conference, we went shopping at the outlets and i got totally spoiled.

then we had ruth's chris for dinner....

on sunday we drove through the canyon and enjoyed the {gorgeous} changing leaves, watched conference at the cabin, and enjoyed a stew dinner with family.  

my favorite talk from conference was specifically about fathers.  i thought about john and how great a father he will be to our children someday.  i am loving where we are right now, but i am excited for that time in our lives, when it comes.  i love him with all my heart.   


i sort of like you a lot, john harman.

john harman, you have changed my life.  each day, i fall more in love with your genuine smile and your reassuring arms.  you make... studying fun, star-wars sound cool, cloudy days seem bright, argyle handsome, dark alleys feel safe, and everything meaningful.  you are absolutely, positively the best thing that has ever happened to me.  this past year has been the happiest of my life - and i love you.  

happy anniversary #1, with eternity to go.