island park

just a few island park photos
floating the snake river is honestly THE BEST.  so beautiful and peaceful.

at the top of sawtelle mountain, where john and i got engaged six years ago! (on july 4th)  two amazing things have happened to us since then.  we were just so happy and in love and we had no idea what a beautiful mess we were in for.  

 hazel and cora loved the atv rides, and jet ski rides, and boat rides.  

look at hazel's boat face. totally hilarious.

that's a wrap!



we spent a day in yellowstone national park a couple weeks ago and it was honesly the best!  we ate at the famous taco bus on our way in, and yes, we saw a bear so i'd say it was pretty darn perfect.


our summer vacation thus far

1. cora, pointing at a bird
4. throwing dirt in the air
7. the curiosity museum with cousins {it was awesome!}
8. her new cheese face
9&10. swimming every darn day
12. musical duets


there is so much that could be said about idaho.... but i think i'll let idaho speak for itself.