dear mr. brunt,

these days, i feel like i'm always needing to apologize.  things are crazy busy in this life of ours, and sometimes i feel like i miss the mark on pretty much everything.  so i find myself apologizing for my imperfections.  a lot.  

but gosh, look at the beautiful lives we have created together.  look at our amazing, smart, fun, beautiful girls.  look at our cozy home and the spirit that is in it.  look at the fun we have together and the love we feel.   if dinner is ready at a decent hour and half-way appetizing, {or let's be honest, even if it sucks} i'm calling it a success.  if the girls got dressed, had fun, and learned something today, i'm calling it a win.  if the fridge is stocked with diet coke and monsters, we are doing pretty good.  and if none of these things are in order {as they so often aren't}, then screw it.  cause our life is pretty awesome anyway.

thanks for choosing me again and again each day, and for making the most of it.  i love you the most.


real life

this is how i will remember life at home with our girls.  full of wild hair, dolls, dress-up, naked bums, dancing, endless laundry, messes, and playing pretend.


26+ inches and lovin' it

i love being snowed in.  our first snow of the season here in new jersey was a magical 26 inches and it came down constantly for over a day.  they called it "blizzardgeddon". since it was the weekend, we stayed inside {except to take hazel out to play/dig out our cars} ate soup and ben and jerry's, and drank hot chocolate.  i was feeling a little blah before this, but being snowed in was exactly the medicine we needed.


christmas vacay recap part two.

i'm really trying to stay on top of blogging here.  BUT it has been kind of crazy lately.  with hazel's evals for preschool on top of her speech therapy, things are really busy.  and my camera decided it wanted to stay a few extra weeks in idaho... and now is happily living with r+j in NYC until we see them and it can return home to us.  so ALL MY PICTURES {okay, MOST of my pictures...} are not available to me right now.  but here's a few iphone photos from christmas day/eve.  hopefully i will get the "good" ones on here someday....


christmas in idaho part one.

here are some pics of our time in idaho before the christmas festivities began.  we celebrated john's 31st {!} birthday, played on the slide, played with mimi and grandpa and cousins {!} and {as always} ate amazing food.
as you can see, we spent A LOT of time at the slide.  
{also, i snuck in a picture of hazel napping with her new baby doll post-christmas, because i thought it was so cute!  she sang out lullaby to it and snuggled with it to fall asleep.}


home again, home again jiggity jig

i don't know what to say other than our girls are the best fliers ever.


things we love, and things we love to hate.

things the girls are loving {and hating} these days:


watching daddy play video games
when i sing to her
laughing back and forth at nothing at all
baths- especially splashing her sister
playing with hazels toys- anything hazel shows interest in, cora is bound to want to play
pulling herself up and holding onto everything
when john speaks in mandarin to her

when i take old food, cardboard, and other things she has found on the ground out of her mouth
getting her face wiped
when i turn the pages of books for her
getting dressed- she wants to stay naked! every evening after bathtime we have a wrestling match.


cooking with me
anything and everything star wars
chasing or getting chased around the kitchen, we call it the "get you game"
reading books
sprinkles treats (rice krispie treats)
her new pizza game and baby doll
all kinds of rough housing
playing dress-up
painting and play-dough
all things animals and princess

when cora mae touches anything she is even remotely interested in, from toys to the coffee table
not being able to do things herself
when i sing. "don't sing, mom!"