ear infections and other things.

on wednesday of last week i called the peds office to schedule hazel's shots and then added, "and to have the doctor look in her ears, too.... just to make sure she doesn't have an infection."  and when saturday and sunday night were completely horrible, i still thought it might be teething pain.  but yesterday when the doctor looked in her ears all the mysteries were solved.  yes, she is teething, yes, we are weaning, and yes, she has a double ear infection.

so remember last week when i said we've been having a hard time over here?  well, now i know why.  but we've snuggled and hugged and watched lots of baby einstein together, so things aren't half bad!

hazel now kisses me on a regular basis, unsolicited, throughout the day.  i almost wonder sometimes if she is saying thank you or please through her kisses, since they often seem to be correlated with her wanting or receiving something....

we still don't know where we are going to be this coming june for the next year of our lives. so STOP ASKING, PEOPLE.  we will sound the trumpet when we know.  we will announce on every form of social media i can imagine.  i promise.

over the weekend, we watched gravity.  which was a great idea.  because i didn't have enough terrifying things to have nightmares about.

have you ever had homemade bread with nutella and strawberries on top of it?  life changing.


life lately.

lately we have been doing a lot of "stuff". nothing too exciting or unusual, or maybe i've just neglected to document them on here.... so now i can't remember any of the exciting things anymore....  but, whatever the reason, i had to take a break from documenting.  i tried, several times, but every time i did i would think about how boring and whiny the post was turning out to be.  because, you know, we're weaning over here....

but, we had lots of family in town this last week, and it has been pretty awesome.  we got to visit with most of john's siblings and their spouses and his parents - a rarity that we are (mostly) all together at a time other than the fourth of july or thanksgiving or christmas.  

some things:
-  i won a cubby's gift card for instagraming a picture of my salad.  people can mock all they want, but gramming pictures of your food really does pay off.
-  john got to go skiing with his dad, brother in law, and nephews {i was jealous, but what can you do?}
-  i watched the three youngest neffs while my mom went on concert choir tour and no one died!
-  i finished off a whole half gallon of byu coconut joy ice cream by myself.


we have been trying with all our might to soak up this warm weather we've been having.  i think coming out of winter we tend to appreciate it more than we did in the fall...  hazel has loved our many trips to the park!


nutella, a good book. a baby giggling, sunshine pouring in.  today is starting out pretty perfect.


i swear she was saying it... until we got the camera out ;)


the zoo!

last week the hogle zoo had a free entry day.  so hazel and i met some friends up there, and we had so much fun!  {she did throw a tantrum at the end when i wouldn't let her walk around through the snake area.  i'm a rude mom}.  this is her looking at the giraffes.  look at that smile!

the monkeys are so cute.  if they weren't so smelly, i think i would love having one as a pet.

thanks for the invite, hayley!  we had tons of fun!


my little popeye.

i like to have a camera handy at all times.  because i know that the second hazel does something funny, i am going to want to take a picture of it.  and she is always, without a doubt, doing the funniest things when my phone or actual camera isn't handy.  like last night, when she did a headstand over her toy and just sat there.... for quite awhile actually.  of course my phone wasn't even close.  but fortunately, my camera was right next to me the other day when hazel and i were outside and i happened to snap some hilarious photos.  here's just three of them.  honestly, she makes the funniest faces.  including this popeye one:


hazel's first birthday!

we had a short little family celebration for hazel's first birthday on saturday.  we had cupcakes and ice cream and hazel got spoiled with presents.  i can't believe this little girl of ours is one! 

"how big is hazel?  sooooooooo big!"