a little video for your enjoyment.... "oh no! you peed on the bed."

just turn your head sideways and it will look normal ;)


last weekend....

friday night we hung out with basically the only friends we have in Atlanta - the only other byu mba student here and her husband.  they made us some delicious barbecue and we hiked down to the chattahoochee river, which is beautiful at night.  i also saw my first firefly!

on saturday we went and saw man of steel. {and loved it}.  hazel did amazing during the movie. afterwards we got seafood {we're only an hour or so from the coast, after all....} and i have since been dreaming about that shrimp po' boy.


over the weekend.

over the weekend, we found an amazing pho place and i died from happiness.  then we went to atlantic station and i got superman ice cream.  
on saturday we found the most amazing frisbee golf park.  each hole was over 300 ft....
and our southern belle wore too large of a headband to church on sunday.  {our stake president reminded me of a baptist preacher in the way he spoke.  totally awesome.}


sometimes, we go to the pool.

sometimes, we go to the pool, and get in the water, only to discover that they don't heat the pools here in atlanta.  so even though it's 85 degrees outside and the sun is out, it's too cold to swim.  well, at least your baby looks cute.


our first week in atlanta.

our first week in the south went {almost} without a hitch.  i mean, there were some expected road-bumps such as being without a can opener or cutting board, a vaccuum, and other essentials we needed.  plus, our blow-up mattress that we borrowed broke, so now we are going to have to replace it!  {hazel was pretty upset about it, as you can see below.}  also, we have wi-fi router problems.  and.... we got called the first day of church to unofficially {aka permanent summer substitutes} teach the CTR 7 class in primary.  hmmmm.  we still haven't met the bishop.

we also tried a local chain restaurant that was super crowded and seriously struck out.  but, that night we struck gold on this taco place and definitely will be returning!  you win some, you lose some.

oh, i love this sweet little family of mine.  


i have seen so much more of the united states since last sunday

through spanish fork canyon
the rocky mountains
vail ski resort at roughly 10,000 above sea level
denver {surprisingly small}
tons of windpower windmills
our salina hotel smelled like curry, and poor hazel slept in a padded drawer
kansas city and the mississippi
one weird-tasting diet coke on "van brunt" street
one happy baby for 28 hours in the car
a screaming baby for 1 hour in the car
st. louis and "soul food" bbq 
downtown nashville and some live music {i wish johnny cash was there}
millions of dead bugs on the windshield 
and over eight state lines..... to finally arrive in atlanta, georgia.
what a fun trip!


my baby, three months old.

this baby girl has started grabbing things, telling you when she's upset, and growing out of all her 3-6 month stuff.  she loves watching baby einstein, warm baths, going on walks, and snuggling with her momma.  her pet peeves are putting on lotion and jammies at nighttime and having her position changed.  gosh, i love her.