we are kinda obsessed with ice cream.

last night, we were completely boring.  in typical john and paige fashion, we ate dinner, listened to harry potter on tape, watched some psych, and went to get some ice cream.  these days, i am full-swing into summer-mode: doing nothing but teaching swim lessons, sitting by the pool, doing my mom's bidding {heh heh}, reading books, and watching countless episodes of bones....  and then john comes home, and we do all those things over again. isn't that great?  we also like to go on long walks through the neighborhood and sit on the top of wasatch blvd and watch the sunset.  

{side note:  i feel guilt that my summer is like this.  in this interim between may and august i feel very little stress. while john works all day in a stuffy accounting office i am at the pool reading a book.  see what i mean?  guilt!}

so, in typical john and paige fashion, i give you:  the nielson's obsession:

it's no wonder people say:  gain a spouse, gain some pounds too!


so.cal weekend.

we spent the weekend in so.cal with john's wonderful family. we frolicked on the beach, met our new nephew, dug for sand crabs, rode waves, ate lots of yummy beach food, enjoyed the LA temple, attended our cousin tori's wedding, drove through beverly hills, saw jamie foxx on the freeway, played approximately fifteen-hundred hours of ping-pong, rode on the plane two seats behind steve young {john was out of control excited}, and saw some real-life mimes on sunset blvd.


dear utah,

thank you for letting us hike your majestic slopes, and enjoy your cool mountain air.

the brunts.


saturday adventures: the chalk festival.

on saturday, we decided to go down to the gateway and see the chalk festival.  on the way there, we got delicious fries and gyros at crown burger {about the best greek burgers and fries restaurant you have ever been to}, and ran into our wonderful friends.  before we got the the festival, i expected little children to be drawing smiley faces with sidewalk chalk on the ground.  i was pleasantly surprised to see the skilled artists that were there, {drawing with pastels, not sidewalk chalk}, it was pretty amazing.  

have a happy week, friends.


this blog is about food.

in case you haven't guessed it, this blog is mostly about food.  so much so, that i rarely talk to a family member about the blog and they don't bring up how delicious that {pizza.... or that frozen yogurt.... or those fries.... or that cheesesteak sandwich....} looked.  so, we love food.  it's a big part of our lives.  and last night we got to enjoy some even more delicious mexican food with my parentals.  observe:

have a happy saturday!


the summer so far, in numbers.

novels i have read:  6

times i have guilted my husband into buying me ice cream:  15
times i have guilted my dad into buying me ice cream:  1

number of house episodes watched:  4

number of twix bars eaten:  56,473

times i have touched the guitar:  3
times i have listened to john play guitar:  12

graduations i have attended:  1

weddings we have been to:  3

number of lonely, abandoned brown suits left by who knows who at our house:  1

number of campfires:  1

blue skies:  56

 number of bones episodes watched:  36

kiddies that i have taught swim lessons to:  20

redbox movies watched:  4


some delectable things i wish to add to the brunt household:

thank you amazon, for taking up about three hours of my day today.  
i loved every second of it.  


my husband, doing what he does best.

my husband loves to play the guitar.
and i love to listen to him!
he is so talented.  

i am excited for more guitar tonight - 
i am going to make him teach me how to play this song.

and we will probably watch the game.  
go mavs!