what a blast we had in utah and idaho this summer.

no matter how long we stay with family for the summer, it never seems to be quite enough.  we had such a wonderful time in utah and idaho.  if i could have one super power, it would be teleportation so that i could beam my girls and i to hang out with family during the day, and then beam us back to have dinner and hang with john at night.  wouldn't that be nice?  i guess if i saw them that frequently, however, our time with them wouldn't be nearly as precious and treasured as it is now. {sigh}

both grandmas (and i...) got a little teary when we left.  can you blame them?  it hurts my heart a little - living this far away.  people! we live twenty minutes from NYC and just 1 hour from the beach!  come visit us!

for some reason, i {almost} didn't feel compelled at all to blog over our vacay.  but, since returning home i've made a super wonderful video of all the fun things we did in idaho, such as boating/jetskiing/playing/eating/floating, going to west yellowstone, spending quality time with mimi and grandpa and our cousins, swimming, and so many other wonderful fun things.  enjoy!


we went to the beach!

last saturday, we went "down the shore", as people here say.  we tried out sea girt beach, and had seriously the best time.  i already said to john, "i had so much fun on saturday, i would totally go again this saturday".  i'm sure we will make it out to the beach at least once more this season.  i can't imagine a more perfect day.


words i love hearing hazel say.

well, we have a 28-month-old on our hands!  it took me a minute to figure it out but hazel is 28 months old.  we were so worried about her language development early on, because she wasn't much of a babbler, and we even took her to an audiologist to have her hearing tested a little over a year ago.  she tested normal, which relieved our worries somewhat, even though many girls her age started talking between 18-24 months. but over the past couple months her language has really taken off!  here are a few of my favorite things that she says these days, and a video to go with it!

umbrema (umbrella)
aunt eedie (aunt eden)
swimmeyn (swimming)
chocolate nulk (chocolate milk)
i nuv you (i love you)
hazel, baby cora, momma, dadda
honey n' papa (honey and papa)
nini (mimi)
greee-papa (grandpa)
fishee cackaa (fishy cracker)
nursheeee (nursery)