the top of sawtelle.

oh i just want to fly far, far away to island park and go on a 4-wheeler ride with you.  
i want to feel the brisk wind burn my cheeks like it did that last summer.
and then i want to stay there until all the snow has melted and we can go kayaking in the snake river.
and then i want to ride up to the top of sawtelle and see the spot where we got engaged.
and then i want you to ask.
ask it again.
ask me to be your wife just like you did a year ago.
and let me die of happiness once again and cry like i did in that moment.
when we laughed, and cheered, and we thought our hearts would just burst from happiness.
and we knew.
knew that we would be:


Kelsey and Covey said...


ChinkyGirLMeL said...

awww this is the sweetest thing ever.

pay it forward said...

i love this, miss paige. so so so so much! SO MUCH!! you guys are the cutest things ever. i love your blog. love together forever as well :) we are so lucky aren't we?? love this.

♥ xoxo.