basketball game.

about a week ago we went to the byu vs gonzaga game.  byu won, naturally.  we went with these friends , of course.  

i am so excited for this fall when john will be attending school at byu with me.  byu is an amazing school.  i am grateful for all the opportunities that are mine here, particularly the amazing byu nursing faculty that work so hard to help us learn and grow and become good nurses.  even though i am pushed past what i thought i was capable of almost every single day, i am so grateful for the things i am learning.  i know that nursing school, with all of it's ups and downs, will be worth it in the end!  

john has really inspired me lately.  he is so good at seeing the bright side of things. even during the busy accounting season when he gets six hours of sleep each night {even on weekends} and works twelve hour days {if you count commuting [even on weekends]}, he is still happy and pleasant to be around.  me on the other hand....

john, thanks for inspiring me to be better.  i know i have had a difficult time seeing the bright side of things lately.  i am so grateful for your patience with me during the past month of nursing school.  you are my favorite.  

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