what a great week.

i have taken a lot of pictures this week.  there have been so many fun and happy things that we've done, mixed in with the drudgery of school{me} and work{john}. here are some of the highlights of the week, just for kicks:

singing with john playing on my mom's ukelele:
i tried {and failed} 3 IVs at clinical.  i'm gonna go ahead and admit this isn't one of the highlights of my nursing school career.  but i wanted to document it because, when i'm a nurse, i am going to be freaking great at starting IVs.  now i just need to find someone to practice on....
we went out for wings with our cousins.  and can i just say, this picture totally grosses me out?  but gosh were they good.  the waiter also said, "are there holes in these cups?!" because we were going through the water and lemonade so fast.... whoops!
john took me out for a pumpkin oreo shake on monday night.  oh man, i love that pumpkin oreo shake.
the missionary fireside, where we learned about exercising faith.
my current afternoon snack....
my view on the walk home:
a perfectly wonderful snowy date with that handsome man of mine.

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