seriously, it's been awhile + a 35-week baby bump!

it has been a good too many days since i last blogged.  mostly, because i feel like i was spending every waking moment studying for the biggest/hardest/scariest test of my life: the nclex.  well, guess what!  i took it monday and totally passed.  so now all i have to do is focus on getting ready for baby.  and let me tell you, i have done very little to get ready for her to come.  i still need a crib, diapers, wipes, crib sheets, baby bath, and several other essentials.  ah!  on the upside, i have been eating really, really well these past few weeks and she is measuring perfectly.  we are going to have ourselves a perfect little baby over here in just a matter of weeks!  and we couldn't be more thrilled.


Susan Guest said...

I have some baby stuff for you. No crib sheets though. Remind me next time we hang out.

Briana Aileen said...

Congrats on passing the nclex! And you look so so pretty! Can't wait to see the baby!