i've been craving raw fish since pretty much day one of pregnancy.  i know, weird.  but i made john promise that once that baby was out of me, we would get sushi to celebrate.  yesterday he made good on that promise.  hazel came with us, obvi.  and so did ryan and janessa.  the long anticipation made the food even better!
sushi from Paige Brunt on Vimeo.


Amanda Schroeder said...

What sushi place did you go to? Have you ever tried Sushi House in American Fork? I'm terrible at keeping up with you, so you might not even live in Utah anymore. But that sushi..looks delicious!

Paige Brunt said...

Amanda, we went to Sushi Ya, but maybe John and I will have to try that place! Yes, we are still in Provo. Where are you guys living?