things to do with your one-year old in winter.

winter can be such a bummer, can't it?  hazel and i have practically been going crazy over here.  one-year-olds are so fun, but they need to constantly be exploring, and they can get cranky being cooped up inside all day.  i have tried to do one "outing" a day with hazelnut, to either the grocery store or on a walk through the mall, but i know she doesn't enjoy these outings as much as i wish she did.  the last few days i have been keeping a list of things we can do specifically for her!  i plan on doing all of these things with her before the doldrums of winter are over.  only six more weeks.  say it with me.... only six more weeks.  things to do with your one-year-old in winter:

-  go to the pet store and look at the animals
-  have a play-date
-  go to the mall and walk around
-  go to barns and noble and read some new books
-  make edible paint (google it) and put them in their high chair to have at it
-  do a sorting activity with a muffin tin and any kind of ball/toys
-  go to all-a-dollar and let them pick out a thing or two to play with
-  put on some music, grab a tambourine, bells, and some shakers, and dance!
-  make a ball-pit: blow-up kiddie pool + plastic colored balls from either walmart or amazon
-  push them around in a laundry basket
-  make an egg carton with something glued in each spot for them to feel, such as a piece of      sponge, a pom pom, a piece of sandpaper, yarn, etc.
-  go to an indoor pool and splash around
-  blow bubbles

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