life lately.

lately we have been doing a lot of "stuff". nothing too exciting or unusual, or maybe i've just neglected to document them on here.... so now i can't remember any of the exciting things anymore....  but, whatever the reason, i had to take a break from documenting.  i tried, several times, but every time i did i would think about how boring and whiny the post was turning out to be.  because, you know, we're weaning over here....

but, we had lots of family in town this last week, and it has been pretty awesome.  we got to visit with most of john's siblings and their spouses and his parents - a rarity that we are (mostly) all together at a time other than the fourth of july or thanksgiving or christmas.  

some things:
-  i won a cubby's gift card for instagraming a picture of my salad.  people can mock all they want, but gramming pictures of your food really does pay off.
-  john got to go skiing with his dad, brother in law, and nephews {i was jealous, but what can you do?}
-  i watched the three youngest neffs while my mom went on concert choir tour and no one died!
-  i finished off a whole half gallon of byu coconut joy ice cream by myself.

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