nuestro día en ensenada

in ensenada, we got tricked into getting onto a bus to go half a mile into the city, when we could have just walked there.  they were telling us it would take us twenty minutes to walk there, and we foolishly believed them.  it reminded me a lot of the tourist-trapping restaurants in xi'an that charged tourists twice as much for lunch.  but we finally got to the scooter rental place and were off.

once we got our scooters, the day was amazing.  we were with a group of five couples, and rode in a caravan.

we rode the 45 minute drive on dangerous ensenada streets and a narrow winding mountain road to get to la bufadora, or the blowhole.  the blowhole was really cool to see but you only needed five minutes there and then you were over it.  the streets and shopping we got to do on the way down to the blowhole... now that was fun.

after shopping and buying a cute pair of leather sandals and purse for our hazelnut, we sought out a beach and food.  food that was sanitary was nowhere to be found, so we settled on a snickers to get us through until we got back to the ship, and finally found a private beach to play on.  the water was sooooo cold, it was painful.  i forced myself to keep my feet in there until they went numb, but mostly because i was already far out in the loooooong shallow beach {i've never seen a shoreline extend so far out and get deeper so gradually} and i didn't back to the dry sand until after i couldn't feel the water anymore.

by far ensenada was my favorite day of the cruise. 

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