every day is a fight.

let me tell you what each day is like having a toddler.

eating is a fight.
bedtime is a fight.
nap time is a fight.
going to the grocery store is a fight,
leaving the grocery store is a fight.
not letting her watch baby einstein is a MAJOR fight.

especially for my B. because my B isn't afraid to scream at me whenever i do something to piss her off. which, apparently, is a lot. these days are hard. i feel bipolar most of the time, because my feeling often reflect hers. she is up and down all day long. sometimes, for brief moments, it may not feel worth it. but then there's moments when i remember that it definitely is.

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Libby said...

Hang in there, Paige! I feel like these hard times come and go. Things like teething can just make them major grumps for a couple of weeks and then it resolves like nothing was wrong. You can do it!