hazel pic dump.

since i've been a crappy documenter lately, i felt the need to post about our recent adventures, and also use the opportunity as an effective pic dump. because i really only have pictures of hazel in my phone. so.

a couple weeks ago we went down to st.george with my mom's family. they have a pool and a park with a great splash pad, and we mostly stayed around there the entire time. i'm still trying to figure out why we went all the way down to st.george to do stuff that we could have easily done up here, but it was an epic cousin sleepover. 

since then we have frequented the neighborhood pool. hazel is loving eating raspberries and currents out of my parents' garden.

on monday my dad and two sisters went on pioneer trek. so my mom, hazel, my brothers and i drove up to island park for a few days. there was the usual fun- boating, atving, yellowstone, board games, and hanging out with the brunts. i'm glad we finally made it up there for a few days. and that my mom could come, so i didn't have to do the drive all by myself. 
1. ponytail hazel
2. sleepy hazel
3. naughty hazel
4. hungry hazel
5. REALLY hungry hazel
6. floating hazel

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