things we love, and things we love to hate.

things the girls are loving {and hating} these days:


watching daddy play video games
when i sing to her
laughing back and forth at nothing at all
baths- especially splashing her sister
playing with hazels toys- anything hazel shows interest in, cora is bound to want to play
pulling herself up and holding onto everything
when john speaks in mandarin to her

when i take old food, cardboard, and other things she has found on the ground out of her mouth
getting her face wiped
when i turn the pages of books for her
getting dressed- she wants to stay naked! every evening after bathtime we have a wrestling match.


cooking with me
anything and everything star wars
chasing or getting chased around the kitchen, we call it the "get you game"
reading books
sprinkles treats (rice krispie treats)
her new pizza game and baby doll
all kinds of rough housing
playing dress-up
painting and play-dough
all things animals and princess

when cora mae touches anything she is even remotely interested in, from toys to the coffee table
not being able to do things herself
when i sing. "don't sing, mom!"

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