santa monica.

well, it's funny how things start to make a lot more sense over time.  after my last blog post, i realized that i HAD A FEVER.  yep.  our house was 90 degrees and i was barely hanging on because my body was fighting something.  

any bug the girls get, i also get.  {or vice versa}.  it hit cora the hardest, but she is finally acting a little bit happier today.  {nothing we can do about that nasty cough though!}

so since we are pretty much stuck inside today, i am reminiscing about two saturdays ago, which was a day equally relaxing and productive and fun.  just how a weekend should be.  we did some unpacking, and then drove up to santa monica to enjoy the pier and 3rd street promenade.  hazel got to ride a couple rides and we visited the cute little aquarium.  we topped it off with dinner at our new favorite pizza place, 800 degrees.

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