beach respite

despite a lot of feelings of inadequacy day in and day out, i am doing my best to be a good mom to my girls.  but some days... the house is a mess... and it's hot... and i just feel like the most impatient mother.  that was the case tuesday afternoon.  and typically when that happens, getting out of the house usually is what we need (both me and the girls!).  

so we went to the beach.  i snapchatted and we played.  we chased seagulls.  it was beautiful and a little cloudy and the sun was beginning to set and everything was perfect.  daddy met us for dinner, and we ate delicious tacos.  {john and i did, our stubborn girls refused to eat, and we ended up buying our starving children 20 chicken nuggets on the way home}.  so, you know, not quite perfect.  but still a much-needed beach day.  

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