our thankful tree.

not to brag, our life is so good right now.  
don't get me wrong, it is so SO hard, and we have lots of {unseen} challenges, just like everyone else.
but it's also incredibly good.  we are so blessed.

cora is right at this very moment crying in her crib, fighting a nap she so desperately needs.  (don't worry! i won't let her cry for long:) and i have anxiety about some things that just can't be fixed right now.  there's endless projects and to do's that need to be done, and i'm feeling inadequate and vulnerable and hopeful all at once.  but if i sit back and look at my life, it is easy to see how incredibly blessed we are. 

friday, i had this brilliant idea that we should start a thankful tree.  hazel is the perfect age for that right now, and i thought it would be a great way to teach her such an abstract concept.  i bought a stack of colored construction paper, and cut out the cutest bare tree for our wall.  hazel has been impressing us with her scissor-cutting skills and cutting several leaves each day for us to write on what we are thankful for.  the tree is filling up so fast, and i can't wait to show you what it looks like when we're done.  it's been an exercise in remembering our Savior, and our Heavenly Father from whom all our blessings come.  it's helped me recognize friends and loved ones who are such an influence of love and good in our lives and are such good examples to our girls.  truly, i am so grateful.

and here's some things these girls love right now....


brown bear, brown bear what do you see
pointing and saying "this" (ie. this way) to tell me where to go
petting the neighbor's cat {i actually don't know who that cat belongs too, and i'm just hoping it's been vaccinated ;}
coming with me to get the mail
putting little objects in holes - she frequently finds sticks to put in the wire at the playground
yogurt {obsessed}
dragging her bunny around on a blanket
saying "up" as we climb each stair
chasing birds on the beach {hazel loves this too!}
the tram at disneyland is hilariously maybe her favorite "ride" that we go on there.  i think peter pan is also beloved


loving smile, her after-school program with some cute friends
playing games
reading - she is turning into such a bookworm and can sound out lots of words already
ham {LOVES it, and asks to have it in her lunch every day.  i usually send her with a homemade "lunchable" complete with ham, cheese, and crackers;}
talking about holidays, and getting very excited to go to mimi's for thanksgiving!
listening to music in the car - from princess songs to my old school playlists and everything in-between
talking about "our schedule" and looking at what is coming up that day and week

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