some cute {some annoying} things the girls are into lately!

cora's favorite pastimes:
seeing how fast she can dump all the toys in the house out of their containers
throwing herself down on the ground when she doesn't get her way - often this also involves some kind of injury like her head smacking into the wall
reading books
delaying any outing by refusing to put on coat and shoes, and then when i finally do get shoes on her, taking them off multiple times before we get out the door
screaming at the top of her lungs when i tell her "no" to more fruit snacks
singing unintelligibly
looking at me, scrunching up her nose, and giggling

hazel's favorite pastimes:
planning out every second of each day
requesting 11 of everything.  11 chicken nuggets, 11 minutes until we get someplace, saying she is 11 years old
playing pretend.  especially going to "pretend disneyland"
scrubbing toilets - this is not a joke.  she really loves it and i'm going to try and keep it up forever and ever
reading books
avoiding eating the food i make for her
listening to blasting music in the car

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