life this week has been chaotic, but fun.
most notable craziness that occurred:
i started my psych rotation. {no pun intended.}

psych is kind of exciting.  i am on the forensic unit, so there is never a boring day.  i think that my communication skills as a nurse will probably be greatly improved throughout this semester as i talk to the patients.  which was needed - believe me. there's nothing worse than not being able to comfort or help your patient emotionally. it is the worst.  so i am so excited for this opportunity.  at times i feel uncomfortable with patients, but i am learning so much about myself and about how to help them.  

some highlights of the week:
 modern warfare {this is more john's highlight than mine}
 cookie-dough cupcakes
 getting to know my new chi
 costco chicken {yes, i'm serious.}

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