and so it begins....

icu came at me like a whirlwind yesterday.   i sat in the three-hour lecture and struggled with every ounce of my brain power to comprehend and apply everything that the teacher was saying.  afterward i thought, my brain hurts.  and also, i may be dead before the semester is over.  but i am happily not dead yet, and i have an amazing husband who loves me.  honestly, sometimes that man makes me go weak in the knees.  so even with the beginning of a daunting semester of nursing school, i can hold on to the fact that he will be home each night, and that i will be safe in his arms.

and, some pictures of what's been going on lately:
1. my new passport with my married name, so that i can go to taiwan!
2.  on the way to park city for some shopping
3.  my grandma's beautiful holiday decorations
4.  my new critical care nursing book
5.  waiting for john to come home {he's been working late}
6.  breakfast of galettes
7.  leggins and the bachelor {gotta love the drama!}
8.  at dinner with the fam
9.  the tree still up
10.  the mocassin's john got me for christmas that i am living in
11.  grandma's canary

happy friday!

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