finals week, the weekend, and other recent happenings.

now that finals week is done, {and my cortisol levels have diminished significantly,} i am thinking much more clearly.  i probably no longer have impaired glucose control, or sleep deprivation.  {all three are things that happen when an individual is in a crisis situation, as i have learned in psychology.}  this clarity has brought along a lot of peace about everything in my life.  something i have been seeking after for quite some time.  

the weekend was fun.  although i had an icu final, after that i told john we would do nothing but play!  {it was raining outside anyway, so there was no chance of doing yardwork - for which john was grateful!}  we ate cafe rio for lunch, went shooting {one of my favorite saturday dates!}, and went to hibachi with ryan and janessa for dinner:  

i've decided that i love hibachi.  it is worth going for the fried rice alone!  and we had the "fuzzy wuzzy" sushi as well. {isn't that a funny name?} so by the time my steak came, i was already full....

other recent happenings:  

spending tuesday and wednesday with the family and spending about ten hours playing mario party with andy jack {and going on bike rides.... and having sword fights.... all things i love!}

preparing for taiwan and getting the butterflies every time i think about it

planning our last temple trip before i go abroad

drinking lots of diet coke

anything but studying

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Briana Aileen said...

I am so excited for you to go to Taiwan and China! Can't wait to hear all about it!