to the graduated nurse me.

dear graduated nurse paige,

remember how hard it was to follow nurses around when you were in school?  you knew each day that you were slowing them down, driving them crazy with your questions, and making a fool of yourself.  no matter how much you knew, and how smart you appeared, you still had questions, insecurities, and hoped and prayed that you would successfully start the next IV.

please don't forget me!  please don't forget nursing student paige, who missed all three IVs during her ER day.  don't forget nursing-student paige, who stressed over tests, and assignments, and prayed every day that she would make it through nursing school in one piece.  don't forget how she stressed all throughout nursing school about passing that dreaded NCLEX.  don't forget her resolve to be a wonderful nurse.  don't forget her hopes that she would one day be calm, and competent, and a stellar preceptor for nursing students to follow; that she would teach well, and give opportunities to learn, and not care if a nursing student was slowing her down.

and please don't think that just because you made it through the so far greatest challenge of your life, that nursing is the most fulfilling thing you will ever do.  because, it isn't.

"no career can bring you as much fulfillment as rearing a family."
m. russel ballard

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