the end of an era...

well, it's here.  the end of my nursing school career.  two weeks from now i will be completely done with school and graduated.  and i'm kind of ambiguous about it.  {mostly because i will miss all of my wonderful friends in the nursing program!}  thinking about all the hard work i have done to get here, it just doesn't feel real that {if, heaven willing} when i pass my nclex, i will go from having "sn" after my name to having "bsn rn" after my name.  i am both thrilled and terrified to be the one in charge.  it's what i've wanted since i was in eighth grade, and i've wanted it a thousand times more throughout my labor and delivery clinical.  i just can't wait for the fun times that are ahead.  i know i've chosen a wonderful field to work in and that i can make a difference in people's lives.  and i couldn't be more thrilled about it.

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