things i love about growing a baby.

this is a picture of my belly. and i love it. although there's a lot of discomfort {to put it lightly} associated with pregnancy, overall, i am finding many reasons to love it! here are a few:

1. i have a perfect excuse to wear john's t-shirts

2. feeling the kicks of a tiny human being all day. {she's my constant companion, and we're becoming good buddies}

3. constantly eating

4. having people tell me i look cute everywhere i go. {although i'll admit that i frequently don't feel it}

5. rubbing my belly for good luck

6. gaining weight and not feeling guilty about it

7. preparing for baby girl to get here {aka we may have started nesting over here}

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Amanda Schroeder said...

I haven't caught up with your blog in forever. Let me just tell you that you are SUCH a cute pregnant lady! You are so so so cute and tiny!!