life as of late.

the past few weeks have just been great.  for some reason, i find that i am so blissfully happy right now.  maybe it's the fantastic snow we got this morning, or maybe it's the spirit of christmas.  all i know is that it's so wonderful to be alive, and it's wonderful to be married to that man of mine.  and i firmly believe that i am the luckiest girl in the world.  some pictures of life lately:
1.  peruvian in tribute to elder neff, who i am really missing a lot right now.
2.  byu nursing graduation party
3.  hot chocolate at the black sheep cafe
4.  christmas shopping with leslie at traverse mountain
5.  john's {early} family birthday celebration - complete with chocolate cupcakes and cookie dough ice cream
6&7.  stroller shopping!
8.  raspberry muffins for breakfast
9.  pure hotness
10.  slab
11.  grocery shopping @ 1am
12.  mom running inside after shooting the deer with a bbgun
13.  the crazies waiting for jenna's play to start
14.  my most recent pregnancy craving {is eating in-and-out 3 times a week normal?}

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