moments from orlando babycation.

john: there's a spider on the windshield!
ryan: we need to roll up this window promptly.
spider receives quick, painless death by windshield wiper.

10 people plus 4 babies miraculously fitting underneath one single umbrella at the beach.

playing sedarahc with everyone at 1 a.m. and hearing guesses like "mug cake"(me) and "cement"(ryan)

seeing my very first live armadillo! he was so cute.

also, hazel has touched both the atlantic and pacific oceans (with her toes) in her first three months of life!

we had such a blast on babycation 2013 with all you friends! i'm so glad y'all married people we like- and that we can have so much fun together. until next summer.....

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Briana Aileen said...

so fun! Let's go back!