california, post #1.

we spent last week in california for john's cousin's wedding. i found myself saying to john the entire weekend, "i could totally live here!" we had a blast. and since i am crazy when it comes to taking pictures, i am breaking this post up into two- so as not to overwhelm!

angie got married in the oakland temple (one of my favorites), and we are so happy for her.

i've been hearing about val's for three years, and finally got to eat there with the family! it did not disappoint!

after the wedding on saturday, we flew down to LA and got taquitos on olvera street! i love their green sauce. then we stopped by to see pordie and christina who are expecting their first baby in june!

monday we went shopping, got my first bluth banana, and ate at crab cooker. can you tell we plan our vacations around delicious food? :)

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Briana Aileen said...

I always get so excited when you post on your blog! Looks like such a fun trip with delicious food! And a delicious little baby that I can't wait to see next week! Ah I am getting so excited.