i have seen so much more of the united states since last sunday

through spanish fork canyon
the rocky mountains
vail ski resort at roughly 10,000 above sea level
denver {surprisingly small}
tons of windpower windmills
our salina hotel smelled like curry, and poor hazel slept in a padded drawer
kansas city and the mississippi
one weird-tasting diet coke on "van brunt" street
one happy baby for 28 hours in the car
a screaming baby for 1 hour in the car
st. louis and "soul food" bbq 
downtown nashville and some live music {i wish johnny cash was there}
millions of dead bugs on the windshield 
and over eight state lines..... to finally arrive in atlanta, georgia.
what a fun trip!

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Briana Aileen said...

Glad you made it safely! Hope John's internship is going well.