our first week in atlanta.

our first week in the south went {almost} without a hitch.  i mean, there were some expected road-bumps such as being without a can opener or cutting board, a vaccuum, and other essentials we needed.  plus, our blow-up mattress that we borrowed broke, so now we are going to have to replace it!  {hazel was pretty upset about it, as you can see below.}  also, we have wi-fi router problems.  and.... we got called the first day of church to unofficially {aka permanent summer substitutes} teach the CTR 7 class in primary.  hmmmm.  we still haven't met the bishop.

we also tried a local chain restaurant that was super crowded and seriously struck out.  but, that night we struck gold on this taco place and definitely will be returning!  you win some, you lose some.

oh, i love this sweet little family of mine.  

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