her little personality.

i always knew our children would be stubborn.  just based on john's childhood stories, (like the one time his dad was holding his hand and john yanked his arm back in protest so hard that he dislocated his own shoulder!)  plus my own memory of my own head-strong nature as a child, (and let's be honest, john and i have not grown out of our stubbornness in adulthood anyway....) i thought there was no chance that we wouldn't get at least one child who knew his or her own mind. and boy, we did.

i have really enjoyed getting to know our little hazelnut's personality as she has increasingly shown it.  even though i spent 9 months growing her, i had no idea what she would be like until she came. and then, once she was here, i still felt like i didn't really know much about her - except that she was the sweetest little human i had ever held, and that i would love her forever.  but as she gets older, i have learned more and more about the lovely spirit that she is.  she is happy, loving, cuddly, patient (she gets that from her father), friendly (smiles/giggles at strangers), easy-going, darling (am i right?!) and definitely knows what she wants.  she is delightfully willful.  and i can't really be surprised.  (john and i have headstrong DNA i suppose....) 

hazel never hesitates to let me know what she doesn't want.  she has such an easy-going nature, but when something isn't right, she doesn't wait to tell you, in her own little way.  this stubbornness really came to light when we tried feeding her solid foods.  to be fair, some babies don't like solid foods at first.  and it was apparent that she definitely didn't.  but we persisted for a total of 3 days, and she resisted until the below video was filmed and i realized that my darling headstrong girl wasn't ready.  so we put a pin in it.  because really, there's no hurry (i really only started her because i wanted to be able to leave her with a babysitter at some point in the future... but alas!).

hazel therese, you are a delight!  can't wait to uncover more of your personality over the years.  it's a privilege to be your mother.

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