taking stock.

writing this, made me think of this.  which, come to think of it, is exactly how i feel right now.

wishing:  my baby didn't have to go through teething.
drinking:  coke zero with vanilla all. day. long.
making:  thousands of headbands for my bald baby.
looking:  for my halloween decorations. {where did they go?!?}
reading:  catch 22 every night shift.
wanting:  a watercolor painting set.
playing:  with my giggly baby every chance i get.
waiting:  for a half shift at work that doesn't end at 2am.
hoping:  that i am the kind of wife/mother/daughter/caregiver that heavenly father wants me to be.
making:  headway on my multiple ongoing, endless cleaning and crafting projects
following:  literally fifteen shows on tv.
wondering:  when i'll learn to be more patient.
needing:  a new hairstyle.
smelling:  a delightful "harvest pumpkin" candle.
liking:  the crisp air outside.
noticing:  john's quiet contentment with life.
wearing:  my skinny jeans once again.  {thank you, breastfeeding.}
thinking:  that i might need to get off the computer and go fold some laundry.

thanks for the idea, sydney.

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